Video Of The Week: XTI Vertical Takeoff Concept Airplane


XTI Aircraft has recently gained attention for an eye catching beautifully designed airplane that has vertical takeoff abilities. Its market initially appears to be business aviation, but wants to broaden its horizons into the personal, medical, and tourism markets.

XTI has its own website for crowd funding purposes and provides a wealth of information as to what is plans are, and what the future concept will look like. I must say beyond its obvious exciting features, it actually seems like a possibility that this ducted fan VTOL point to point airplane could be the sign that the market is shifting.

However, lets not get ahead ourselves. Most of us GA pilots are still looking at the decades old aviation market to reasonable own an airplane. Unless you are very fortunate in life, you probably have no real hopes of owning anything made more recent than the 90’s.

Aviation costs are still unbearable for most of us, and even organizations such as AOPA with its larger member base struggle to get answers on how to fix the cost. So for now, we can admire the innovation, and hope that in our lifetime we will see the fruits at lower costs.

Regardless its hard not to admire what is transpiring, and wonder what the future will look like one day. Is it possible that your kids, or their kids, will one day be flying their car thru a multi layered highway transportation system?