Video of the Week: Bugatti Replica First Flight

As recently seen on several aviation news outlets, a video surfaced of a Bugatti airplane replica taking flight. If you are not familiar with the project, several things immediately standout. 1. two counter rotating props at the front of the plane, 2. It appears the cockpit is where the engine should be.

However the Bugatti’s unique design goes beyond its first impressions, and beautiful sleek look.



The image above (taken fromĀ shows the layout of what drives the beautiful bird. With two twin Bugatti motors driving axels underneath the pilot, rotating each tandem propellor in opposite directions of each other.

The Bugatti 100P is a concept design born in the early part of the last century. It has taken shape over the years, but also seeing its fair share of defeat and disappointment. Tragedy’s and WWI slowed the development of the original project but did inspire technology in future wars and aviation.

The original was brought from overseas to the U.S. and after some descent tries to restore the aircraft, it was eventually handed off to the EAA and is on display in Oshkosh WI.

New Beginings:

A new team of people decided that it was not enough to let the Bugatti dream die, and would very much like to accomplish the task that the original aircraft never could. To leave the ground as is all airplanes natural states, so to should the Bugatti 100P.

Que Video: