Student Pilot Receives Award

In recent student pilot news, and young man from South Sioux City received an award from EAA that will provide monetary assistance for ground school and other costs related to flying. According to the article released by the Sioux City Journal, Kevin D Faria received the award after being chosen by the local EAA Chapter. The award is given to …

Student Pilot Featured: Wisconsin

It has been awhile since my last update… Between getting Married, and host of other things I have let this website slide. Im hoping to post at least once a week now that things have lightened up.

In looking around the web and other news sources, I came across this article featuring a student pilot from Wisconsin. Stories like this don’t often get attention, however they are none the less important. If you have been in the Aviation world for very long, you most likely have heard stories related to the looming pilot shortage.