Passed PPL CheckRide, and 100 Dollar Hamburger

It has been awhile since I have updated this site, but a lot has happened behind the scenes! Since my last 2016 article posted to this site, I have finished all my requirements for the PPL Certificate, Passed my PPL check ride, and have flown a couple of passengers as a private pilot!

Student Pilot Receives Award

In recent student pilot news, and young man from South Sioux City received an award from EAA that will provide monetary assistance for ground school and other costs related to flying. According to the article released by the Sioux City Journal, Kevin D Faria received the award after being chosen by the local EAA Chapter. The award is given to …

Student Pilot Featured: Wisconsin

It has been awhile since my last update… Between getting Married, and host of other things I have let this website slide. Im hoping to post at least once a week now that things have lightened up.

In looking around the web and other news sources, I came across this article featuring a student pilot from Wisconsin. Stories like this don’t often get attention, however they are none the less important. If you have been in the Aviation world for very long, you most likely have heard stories related to the looming pilot shortage.

General Aviation – Positive Impact

As I sit here typing this article, I am watching a “BREAKING NEWS” story showing a commercial aircraft that had an engine fire in Las Vegas. Understandably this is news, and I do not begrudge those who give attention to those stories. However an article that talks about how General Aviation has an impact in South Dakota rarely sees the same attention.

Near Mid Air Collision Caught On Camera

Its something as a pilot that we all think about, and see played on the news when it happens. Usually it involves a commercial airliner, and the ending is usually very different. Its occurrence in General Aviation is not as well publicized, but does occur. (again with an ending the is usually very different)

Mountain Flying From The Ground

When most of us think of flight training, we think of the typical/standard way that most training is done. In the cockpit with the standard amount of ground school required to get the pilots license. However, what is often not covered or at least in the same amount of publicity that the YouTube videos or news coverage gets are the extra training that is needed beyond just the standard FAA requirements.