Student Pilot Receives Award

In recent student pilot news, and young man from South Sioux City received an award from EAA that will provide monetary assistance for ground school and other costs related to flying.

According to the article released by the Sioux City Journal, Kevin D Faria received the award after being chosen by the local EAA Chapter. The award is given to a student who has shown the most desire to pursue a career in aviation.

Awards such as this are essential to ensure the future of aviation. It is no secret that Aviation costs are not declining, and that it has a direct impact on its own future. EAA is an organization that is dedicated to ensuring young people that show an interest in flying, and sought out and ensured that opportunity.

To read more about Kevin and the EAA award check out these two articles.

Sioux City Journal



Local Chapter 291 of the Experimental Aircraft Association has awarded 14-year-old Kevin D. Faria a Matching Funds Award for 2015.

The award will pay 50 percent of all expenses to not only attend ground school but also pay for aircraft rental and instructor expenses. Chapter 291 is based at Martin Airport in South Sioux City.

The chapter has been giving an award to a deserving young student pilot over the last six years. Previous awards paid for them to complete the Martin Aviation Ground School only. This year the chapter decided to go further and select a student who shows great promise in continuing in an aviation career by awarding a Matching Funds Award. This award is…Read More