Student Pilot Featured: Wisconsin

It has been awhile since my last update… Between getting Married, and host of other things I have let this website slide. Im hoping to post at least once a week now that things have lightened up.

In looking around the web and other news sources, I came across this article featuring a student pilot from Wisconsin. Stories like this don’t often get attention, however they are none the less important. If you have been in the Aviation world for very long, you most likely have heard stories related to the looming pilot shortage.

What caused that shortage is up for debate, but what is clear is that the airline industry is looking very hard on how to solve it. With increasing security demands, economic hardship of the airlines, and reminders everyday in the news of major airline crashes, its not tough to see why it may not be the career it once was.

Personally, I think the airline industry is out of date. Its simply not keeping up with what the people who fly want. If you look at the entertainment industry in both mobile applications, and movie viewing. You see that the public is looking for a more personal experience. Its simple really, people want the comforts that they decide, and therefore are able to personally decide what they want to use. Its why companies like Apple create products that are more personable. It’s also why the major cable/movie industries are struggling to remain relevant because the public is staying home and choosing a specific application to consume.

I think this will eventually apply to the airlines, once the stranglehold is broken. I foresee someone like Elon Musk or Richard Branson creating an airlines that will use smaller jet aircraft with more comforts of home. It will give the public an opportunity to travel without the anxiety of sitting 4 inches from the person next to you.

Back to the point of this article, which is the future of Aviation. I have wrote about this before, but unfortunately the fact remains that learning to fly is still difficult from a money perspective. It also is difficult from a ownership perspective as well. However its not stopping young would-be pilots from accomplish their dreams, despite the tough road ahead for finding a career.

Memorial Student Pilot Sets Sight on His Dream Career.

by Blythe Wachter (The Leader-Telegram)

The Memorial High School junior dreams of becoming a jet fighter pilot. After graduating, he hopes to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo.

His aspiration took wing at a young age.

For a teenager to take flying lessons is “not super rare,” said Paul Anderson, a commercial pilot and Eric’s flight instructor at Hawthorne Global Aviation Services. Students typically are college-age or older, but Anderson has taught four 16-year-olds — including Eric — this year.

“It’s less common now than in years past as the cost of aviation has gone up immensely since the ’70s,” said Anderson, 60, of Eau Claire.

Finding time to fly often is difficult for teens busy with school, sports and other activities. “School comes first,” Anderson stressed.

“It gets a little difficult,” Eric acknowledged.  | Read More |