Student Pilot Featured: First Solo

An article in the month of August recently featured a student pilot, on his First Solo adventure.

From, student pilot Colton Johnson recently completed his First Solo flight according to the article


Colton Johnson, 16, has ownership of a Diamond DA40 airplane.

But not in the sense that he has purchased the lightweight aircraft. Colton has ownership of the plane in the sense that a pilot takes ownership of a plane.

He can fly the fixed wing aircraft with confidence in his ability and with the assurance that his training has prepared him for any situation that might arise.

Colton is a member of the Goshen High School Class of 2016 and also a member of the Pike County Schools’ Aviation Academy. He has earned his student pilot license and has 33 hours of flight time to his credit. He will celebrate his 17th birthday on Thursday, Aug. 6. The next day, he is confident that he will earn his private pilot’s license and take his