Passed PPL CheckRide, and 100 Dollar Hamburger

It has been awhile since I have updated this site, but a lot has happened behind the scenes! Since my last 2016 article posted to this site, I have finished all my requirements for the PPL Certificate, Passed my PPL check ride, and have flown a couple of passengers as a private pilot!

If you haven’t checked my videos out head over to Aviation Attitudes and check out the recent videos.

I wanted to share some of the items that helped me obtain my certificate. First, Sporty’s Learning To Fly Course helped me obtain a 97% on my computer test. I highly recommend purchasing this course to prepare for the test, and for its general PPL knowledge. The topics covered and learned also were instrumental in the Checkride Oral Exam given at the beginning of the your PPL Checkride exam.

Secondly, if you were like me and struggled with communications radio or otherwise in the cockpit. Go after an ANR headset now! At first I wasn’t sure that spending 600 to 1,000 dollars was the best use of funds, especially as a student pilot. However I will tell you that after I switched to the Lightspeed Zulu.2 my comprehension in the cockpit was 10 fold. I never realized how much focus I was loosing due to all the noise interfering with my instructor or ATC. To me this ended up being the biggest help (along with recording my flights) to make the flights shorter but more substantive.

Finally, my last tip is for learning weather. As a student pilot you are really restricted to learning actually weather experience. You will have it down from a book perspective, but I can tell you as a new private pilot its another thing when its all on you and you have passengers. You suddenly are way to conservative, and might possibly cancel flights for ceilings that are 8,000 feet but overcast. Maybe the winds are 10 to 15kts, and you are not sure about a bumpy ride.

What I have found is the more you can get from pilots who have flown in all sorts of conditions, the more you can relate to your personal decisions. There is nothing wrong with being conservative… AT ALL… However part of being a pilot is flying! So you have to find that balance between legal minimums, personal minimums, and experience.

I have a couple of apps that I use my iPhone that have airports from around the region I fly. I constantly monitor their reported conditions to understand how the weather moves across the region and affects the rating of IFR, LIFR, VFR, MVFR. I also like to make sure I record the conditions when I fly to understand what the weather was reported when I flew, vs how I experienced the weather.

Happy flying to all of you, and welcome to 2017! I am excited about my future experiences in aviation, and the trips I have yet to plan!

In addition here is a recent flight with my Brother and his friend to KBAK for a 100 Dollar Hamburger flight!