Near Mid Air Collision Caught On Camera

Its something as a pilot that we all thinkĀ about, and see played on the news when it happens. Usually it involves a commercial airliner, and the ending is usually very different. Its occurrence in General Aviation is not as well publicized, but does occur. (again with an ending the is usually very different)

However for this pilot it was something the combines what can only be described as a combination of very fortunate circumstances that gives us a near miss of two general aviation airplanes, caught on go pro video, and resulted in no crash or serious injuries.

This video is something that every pilot should watch, and understand what occurred. Your analysis of this video could save your life along with others.

In a report by the DailyMail (a British online news site) the near miss was investigated by the UK Airpox Board. They found that neither pilot was to blame. According to the Daily Mail the pilot was quoted as saying “Just wasn’t either of our days to die that day. I think the flexwing (microlight) might not have seen me until very late, he did appear to be drastically trying to climb as he went over me.”

To read more about the incident from the Daily Mail (Click Here)