Mountain Flying From The Ground

When most of us think of flight training, we think of the typical/standard way that most training is done. In the cockpit with the standard amount of ground school required to get the pilots license. However, what is often not covered or at least in the same amount of publicity that the YouTube videos or news coverage gets are the extra training that is needed beyond just the standard FAA requirements.

Flight Chops which is a YouTube channel that has grown exponetially in viewership, and popularity has done a great job in this video showing what is required to be an excellent pilot.

You might not think that a 13 minute video about survival training would be worth watching. Especially if its mostly about an instructor lead ground school like video. Again, Flight Chops did a great job with his production crew relaying the importance of such training. Included are shots of beautiful mountain scenery and a couple shots of a nice 172 flying thru mountain passes.

Survival training during Mountain Flying is a critical piece of the extra learning that turns a good pilot into an excellent one.