General Aviation – Positive Impact

It is this authors mission to search, listen, research, and find stories that showcase the positive impact General Aviation has had and in this case continues to have.

As I sit here typing this article, I am watching a “BREAKING NEWS” story showing a commercial aircraft that had an engine fire in Las Vegas. Understandably this is news, and I do not begrudge those who give attention to those stories. However an article that talks about how General Aviation has an impact in South Dakota rarely sees the same attention.

Granted the article i’m about to share doesn’t have a the attention getting video, or pictures that a airplane on fire might have, but its equally important. Why? Because the General Aviation impact in South Dakota accounts for a 303 Million dollar impact along with 7,000 jobs. (Source: That impact is similar all across the united states.

Even more so than the financial impact, is what General Aviation represents to the imagination, education, and inspiration for other careers. The man who stepped first on the moon, once piloted a small single engine aircraft before he ever thought of riding a rocket into outer space.

Who knows, maybe the individual who will first step foot on Mars will come from South Dakota as a direct impact of General Aviation.


My Voice: General Aviation supports S.D. agriculture

Article published by, Author Scott Olson

Excerpt from Article (Read Full Article Here)


Agriculture is the lifeblood of South Dakota’s economy. Our industry employs more than 120,000 people across the state, who together contribute more than $21 billion to our state’s economy. Yet, family farming operations can be a tough and volatile business. We’re exposed to swings in both commodity prices and input costs, and a significant shift in any of these factors can easily mean the difference between a profitable year and an unprofitable one.

Over the decades, as mules and horses gave way to… (Read More)